• Bucco Talk Episode 5

    This week we are joined by Andrew King to discuss the NL Central, Why the Bucs are struggling and take a look at the past week of Pirates baseball. A very good episode that you won’t want to miss.

  • Bucco Talk Episode 4

    This week Kenny, Zach and John are joined by special guest Jamall Mattox. It’s a great episode where we discuss the past week of Pirates baseball. We also look ahead at the upcoming Harvey/Cole matchup, and discuss the happenings in the farm system.

  • Tweetcap: #Pirates 7 #Phillies 2

    Here's the lineup for tonight in Philly. http://t.co/xiaVEhgni8 #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/s5ZDzrVwTV — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) May 12, 2015 The #Phillies take on the Pirates in Game 2 of a four-game set. http://t.co/Qn7vHGVdut pic.twitter.com/pEdUDGzBXM — Phillies (@Phillies) May 12, 2015 “I’m not sure what Josh Harrison weighs nowadays, but chances are it’s higher than his batting average.” -Stan Savran…

  • Podcast: @Bucco_Talk – Episode Two

    This week’s episode of Bucco Talk features hosts Kenny, Zach and John discussing the past week of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball. It also has a look at the farm system and a delightful conversation about the DH. We wrap things up by grading the performance of the team during the first month of the season. Zach…

  • Bucco Talk Podcast with @TheKennyM, @Zach_Morrison1 and @johnlucas18

    Check out the first episode of the brand new podcast Bucco Talk and give the show a follow on Twitter.

  • Tweetcap: Cubs 9 , Pirates 8

    Here's our lineup for tonight vs the Cubs. #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/FZImpy8bRr — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) April 21, 2015 Hi @Addison_Russell. #LetsGo Game preview: http://t.co/WcnFUOrV8k pic.twitter.com/7gHC8T8Fv2 — Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) April 21, 2015 Forgot my scorecard at home and now I’m really not sure what to do with my hands — @wolbiedo34△⃒⃘ (@chrissytinaaa) April 21, 2015 I already hate…

  • Tweetcap: Tigers 2, Pirates 0

    Tweetcap: Tigers 2, Pirates 0

    Here's our lineup for tonight's 7:05pm game at PNC. #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/9ONOGL21Up — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) April 14, 2015 the #Pirates aren’t about to let Joey Chestnut bankrupt them pic.twitter.com/BKxP0wvVWq — James Santelli (@JamesSantelli) April 14, 2015 GAME ON!!! #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/jtIDN7diXu — Clint Hurdle's GUM (@ClintHurdlesGUM) April 14, 2015 Hard hit balls early on for both Burnett &…

  • PSU Hockey @ Michigan State (Feb 13&14)

    We Are… Ranked!! Penn State climbed back into the top 20, but this status seems to be a curse as they are now 0-3 when playing as a ranked club. Penn State was blanked 3-0 on Friday night in their first game outside of PA since winning at winning at Wisconsin Dec 5&6.  This loss…