• Kent Tekulve’s Glasses

    I tend to like people who speak their mind, even when I disagree with them. And James Harrison isn’t afraid to say what he’s thinking. So, I find his candor refreshing, especially after  years of listening to athletes offering up the same tired platitudes. I could do without the criticism of his teammates, however justified it may be. The stuff about Goodell, however, rings true, and I’m glad he said it. Does anyone really think that he’s something other than a puppet controlled by the owners? And more importantly, why did the Commish burn the tapes? 

    Anyway, I’m sure Harrison will get fined or suspended for his “crime,” but don’t you just love the irony of a guy like Goodell being the final arbiter of justice? What a joke.          

    • Wfucich

      Agreed, he could have used more tact but he isn’t the Queen of England he is the next Jack Lambert/Mean Joe Greene.  

      The criticism of teammates I could have done without as well, or not in a public forum.  In the end Ben threw picks and Mendy fumbled, he said things that were fact and every Steelers fan has at least thought.

      Ryan Clark’s reaction said it best…..that’s just James. I am sure Ben feels the same.

  • http://twitter.com/shamtown Rich

    I think my major problem was the criticizing of teammates. 

    To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t be completely shocked if the quote was taken a bit out of context.  I don’t mind guys speaking their mind, but I also don’t mind guys having a bit of control.

    I also think that James Harrison might be buying into his own hype just a bit.  He has always been a bit of a nut, and I don’t think it’s a show or anything of the sort, but I think he now goes out of his way at times to be what he is perceived as being.

  • Wfucich

    Could be worse Rich, he could shoot at a police helicopter a la Ernie “The Arrow” Holmes

    • Rich

      I know man, but its a different world now.

      I have little problem with the content, just think going hard after teammates in a magazine interview, which can be spun however the author wants, is a bit much.

      I don’t want him gone or anything.

  • Kent Tekulve’s Glasses
  • http://twitter.com/foxsharky Luke

    Kudos to Harrison about his comments on Goodell who is a complete scumbag and very unpopular with players but he was out of bounds with the comments about Roethlisberger who cares about winning more than anyone.

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