• Erad67

    If the Pirates are going to build through the draft they shouldn’t be trying to just sign 2 of 4 (potential) sandwich picks.  They need to sign all 4, plus their regular pick, the other early round picks,  plus pay enough to some of those future potential 1st rounder HS players.  If it costs $20 million, so be it.  Getting several years worth of talent at once would be worth it, and very much needed.  Having 1 or 2 talented players called up to the majors every days hasn’t worked in the last 20 years and it is unlikely to work in the future.  But if the Pirates can bring up say 10 talented players in 2 or 3 years … then they have a serious shot at being a very good team for a bit.

    • Rich

      I don’t disagree. To a point. There are still highe end talents available in the sandwich round who are also fairly easy signs.

      Two risky signs and two high end, but safer signs seems reasonable. No one just takes above slot guys, you. Need some quantity, gotta spread the risk.

  • Erad67

    Sorry.  Every year, not every days.  Wow, guess I should sleep more!