Same old (boring) Steelers

The NFL is full of more excitement than ever.

Blockbuster trades, Bountygate, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow………the NFL gets more popular, and sensational every day.

Meanwhile, the Steelers are their normal, boring selves. Thank goodness for that.

Every year when free agency opens, the fans in all NFL cities hope to see what big name player their team will get. In Pittsburgh, the only big name transaction happening at that time will be who they might cut from the team.

Sure, they will usually sign a player or two, but it is never a high profile name, unless they are returning to the team.

Not too exciting.

The players they do sign from other teams are never looked at as big moves at the time, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t become great Steeler players. Ryan Clark, James Farrior, Jerome Bettis, (trade) and Kevin Greene come to mind.

When it comes to the draft, they quietly go about their business, usually drafting near the bottom of the rounds and finding quality players. If the draft is a crapshoot as some people say, then Kevin Colbert and the Steelers have weighted dice. Their continued success isn’t a mistake.

So while teams like the Redskins and Raiders tend to make the big splashes, the Steelers are content with staying low profile (right, Ben?)……..with a high winning percentage.