Does Tomlin Have His Team?

I think this question needs to be answered immediately.  Does Mike Tomlin have any control over his players?  Is there any real discipline?  Accountability?

Today’s news of the arrest of Alameda Ta’amu is just another black eye to an organization that once prided itself on doing things the right way.  An organization that is not the same “upstanding” organization it was just a few years ago.

Let’s be honest.  The “Steeler-way” was always somewhat mythical, but they did do things classy.  There were always incidents like this, though admittedly they were fewer.

Now though?

There is little accountability.  And no personal responsibility.

Guys like James Harrison and Rashard Mendenhall, who have contributed basically nothing to the season are taking the fans to task for their failures, not themselves.

Seriously, if you’re gonna talk trash about your team and everyone on it, don’t call yourself a fan. A fan is a supporter…

— Rashard Mendenhall (@R_Mendenhall) October 12, 2012


Of course Rashard. We should all just sit back and kiss your ass.

And let’s not even get into Weslye Saunders and his failed drug test.

Ike Taylor getting completely owned by Stephen A. Smith on twitter?

This team isn’t just undisciplined off the field though.

The league’s leader in penalty yards per game? You guessed it the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s not surprising really.

They just act off the field the same way they act on it. Which is disheartening. To say the least.

But hey, Tomlin talks a good game.

Just like another Pittsburgh coach…..

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