Celebrating the Promotion of Jesus Christ

Today we take time to celebrate and remember one of the greatest careers ever.  Jesus Christ.

Christ was a little know prospect who came quite literally out of nowhere to lead his team, while earning the admiration of billions around the world with his rags to riches story.

From the time he signed on with the parent club it took just nine short months for him to mature into one of the greatest the game has seen.  On his first day he had only three fans, but they traveled far and wide to see his debut.

It was a humble debut for the young man, who spent just nine months in the minors before being recalled.  Still he was showered with gifts from the stands, the fans knowing the potential the Christ-child held.

Christ’s career on earth ended at a pretty young age.  Passing the thirty mark spelled the end for him, and at the age of 33 he was DFA, making just one more short appearance in the bigs three days later.  That second appearance was short-lived though, as he was a ghost of his former self.

So today we celebrate this great man.

Merry Christmas from everyone at TiGO.