• Stoneypoint125

    This move is called depth!! What if he happens to find his stroke and is productive? If he doesn’t work out, so what? It is called trying. Quite frankly this is the first time that I have read your site, and after reading your “opinion” it will probably be the last time I read it. The sad thing about the internet is that any “self proclaimed expert” can set up a website and spout their opinion

    • http://www.thisisgettingold.net Rich

      The Pirates have nothing but depth at the positions he fakes playing. Brad Hawpe is not depth, he is fodder. A waste of time.

      I’m not sure how we’ve gone this long without your readership. How will we ever survive???????

    • shamtown

      Stoneypoint125 ZOMG HOW HAVE WE GONE ALL THESE YEARS WITHOUT YOUR READERSHIP?????? Give me another chance?