5 Questions With … Days of Y’Orr


The Penguins host the Boston Bruins Tuesday night so we asked the fantastic Bruins blog Days of Y’Orr a few questions about the B’s.

This is Getting Old: The Bruins are off to a great start. Stanley Cup or bust?

Days of Y’Orr: I would say Stanley Cup Finals or bust. If they lose to a good western team like Chicago (are there any other teams in the West?) then I’m okay with it. Bruins getting to the Stanley Cup Finals does one important thing:

Keeping Montreal out of anything because they’re the biggest bunch of shitheads I’ve ever had the displeasure of associating with. They make Phialdelphia fans looks like altar boys (the unmolested kind). If the Canadiens make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, the NHL has failed and should detonate the nuke that Gary Bettman buried under Donald Fehr’s mansion. Can you imagine the smugness that would permiate through the NHL like a disgusting bleu blanc et rouge fog? Sacre bleu!

But this Bruins team is too good to get bounced out of any round that’s not the Eastern Conference Finals. Of course, we said that last year when Goalie Jesus and Pierre McGuire’s yuck yuck rag Braden Holtby went all Dominic Hasek on the Bruins’ asses.

TiGO: Tuukka Rask has been unbelievable so far this season. Before this season, he was best known as the goaltender that led the Bruins to their three-games-to-none choke-job against the Philadelphia in 2010. Is this a more confident goaltender or just better defense around him? Or both?

DoY: He’s a better goaltender. Don’t forget, that 2010 season was his rookie season. Often overlooked is that the Bruins lost David Krejci after Game 3 of that series and he was absolutely on fire. From that injury on, it was impossible for Boston to recover. The defense this year, while statistically good, has had a lot of troubles up to this point, especially with speed. Team speed murders the Bruins and they’re susceptible to giving up 2 or 3 goal leads.

I can’t confirm this, but I think when Rask took the Stanley Cup to that sauna full of Swedish dudes, it really activated his goalie power.

TiGO: Is there any ill will towards Bruins’ owner Jeremy Jacobs for his negotiating “skills” during the lockout or is that already forgotten about once the season started? Or do Bruins fans see Jacobs differently?

DoY: I would hope so, but then again you have these morons who were all like “I’LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PIECE OF NHL MERCH AGAIN” and then tweet their brand new and super douchey Accelerator jersey. True story, this happened multiple times on my Twitter line so what’s that say about me? I was also one of these people, but I bought my 20 month old a Bruins jersey. Either way, there’s always been disdain for Jacobs in Boston.

It started pre-2005 lockout when players (and I remember Ray Bourque doing this) literally begging Jacobs to spend money on the Bruins so they could win Stanley Cups in the 80’s and 90’s and him being like LOLOLOL RAY as he dove into his large bank vault full of coins. This is the same piece of shit that during the Bruins Stanley Cup parade in 2011 made a joke about Cam Nelly never winning one as a player.


So yeah, people still hate his guts.

TiGO: Who should Penguin fans watch for on Tuesday that we may not know much about?

DoY: Dan Paille.

Yeah 4th liner Dan Paille. I’m sure you guys would expect me to say someone like Dougie Hamilton (though I’m sure everyone knows who he is) but Paille is a skilled player playing on a line Claude loves to roll out. Paille has four goals this season, plays on the power play and kills penalties. He has some pretty good speed that can catch third D pairings off guard (WE’RE COMING FOR YOU EATON), but has hands carved right out of Stonehenge. If Paille gets on a breakaway, breathe a sigh of relief because we’re pretty sure it’s his kryptonite. Paille has also played some third line so he’s interchangeable.

He can literally play anywhere you want him to. Probably the best bar wingman ever.

TiGO: Finish this sentence. Matt Cooke is a great hockey player because …

DoY: He can score goals and piss people off.

You’re talking to a Bruins fan who fucking loves Cookie. I know tons of people around here are still having anal leakage over what Cooke did to Savard in 1984 (or at least it felt that long) but I’m not one of them. Was it a shitty move? Yup, but welcome to the world of hockey where shitty things happen. I’ve tweeted numerous times that I would love for Boston to sign Cooke this offseason and put him on the third line with Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley. Imagine a team that consists of Brad Marchand on one line and Matt Cooke on another. Holy shit, the new NorthCentratlantic would throw fucking fits.

It would be magical!


Thanks to Greg for making this the best 5 Questions we ever did. So many great photoshops on Days Of Y’Orr so check it out. Boston at Pittsburgh Tuesday night at 7:30 on Root Sports and the NBC Sports Network for those of you outside the Pittsburgh market.