While you're re-reading...

Please note, I was posing a QUESTION when I asked if it was a loss...

No need to get all fired up about a guy that didn't figure in the Bucs future plans due to the advancement of other arms in the organization.  If Canzler can provide some sort of spark to the offense?  It's a great move...

That's all...



Where are you getting that it's a big loss?  I just re-read my post and I don't say that at all.  I just think it's more likely Alderson becomes a regular part of an MLB team than Canzler.  That's it.


And now, thanks to the reinvigorated minor league system, Alderson is a spare part that can be used to address a need.  I'm not saying Russ Canzler is going to be Roy Hobbs but it's safe to say Tim Alderson won't be Sandy Koufax either, so where's the loss?


Either I did a really poor job communicating or you're reading a whole lot more into the last two sentences of this post than what it says.

I was in favor of both the Sanchez and Jack Wilson trades.  In fact I thought the Wilson trade was absolute robbery.

The Sanchez trade maybe not as much, but Alderson was pretty highly touted at that point.

I'm sure you can search around the blog and find those old posts if you like.  Either way, just stating the facts.  


June 10th, 2011.

Does this date ring a bell for anyone?

It was the last time that Freddy Sanchez participated in a Major League game.

Over two full years of collecting a BIG paycheck for NOT playing.

Would you rather that the Pirates had held onto "Fragile Freddy"?

So it probably would have been a good idea to keep the recently retired Jack Wilson and the hopefully soon to be retired Jason Bay as well?

 These were overpaid, under-producing pieces that were moved to create space and free up money to bring in younger, talented players to rebuild a once proud organization that had been stripped of a functioning farm system and strapped by ill-advised. long term deals with fading "stars".

Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is a sign of insanity.

As in life, with help there is hope...

The Pirates are now a much better (both on the field and on the ledger) after they jettisoned the dead weight that was holding them down.




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