Mike Vukovcan Is Sick Of James Franklin’s Tweets, Still Follows Him On Twitter

Bob Pompeani’s coffee boy, Mike Vukovcan, is tired of James Franklin and his tweets. He wants him to just coach already. Someone tell Vuk it’s March.

When someone in the Pittsburgh media (I use that term very loosely here) mentions Penn State, the Twittersphere is never short on opinions. Is it to get a rise out of people?

That’s why they do it. You don’t see this from the Philadelphia media. Philadelphia also doesn’t have a prominent D1 football team. Let’s all take a moment to laugh at Temple.

Now, you guys know me. I follow way more Pitt fans on Twitter than PSU fans. Part of me wants to see Paul Chryst succeed at Pitt. Why wouldn’t you want to see the state of Pennsylvania become a college football powerhouse? I’m not the only one.

Why doesn’t Vukovcan just unfollow Franklin?

Oh, the irony. Hey Mike, DM me. Pomp needs more coffee.


Vukovcan, who blocks everybody on Twitter, is upset that Franklin blocked him. I swear this isn’t an a story from The Onion.

  • crombola

    Then stop following him you big dummy.