Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Washington Nationals – Game 49

And the legend of Josh Harrison continues to grow. As of a few days ago, intentionally walking anyone to get to Harrison is suicide.

The Pirates have a reasonable shot at sweeping the Nationals this afternoon. They’ve had three attempts to sweep teams so far and have done so zero times.

Keep in mind, the Pirates SUCK on Sundays. I don’t know if we’ll see a full on Sunday lineup but Hurdle has definitely been known to do that.

Basically a whole generation of children are fed slop on Sundays. I wasn’t made aware that “Kid’s Day” actually meant the product of the field was Little League quality.

In the end it comes down to Francisco Liriano. What the Hell are the Bucs gonna get out of him?

Crazy bad. I’m bummed, but not shocked, about his performance. Liriano has never posted two great years in a row. Can’t argue with history I guess.

In spite of those poor numbers the Pirates are 5-1 in his last six starts.

Not to beat a dead horse but Liriano has been a complete failure at PNC.

That’s something I don’t think anyone saw coming. I think most people were more likely to say PNC made Liriano as successful as he was last year.

One must assume having a name like Doug Fister is unfortunate. Not that I have any problem with the name Doug, it was one of my favorite television programs as a wee lad, it’s Fister, and all its sexual innuendo potential, that must seems unfortunate.

Fister has only pitched three times this year. His ERA is kind of high but most of his secondary numbers are fantastic. Except homers.

Too small a sample size. In the words of Mike Tomlin, “obviously”.

So we got two starts, good career numbers, one loss.

First Pitch: 1:35 PM EST
Where To Watch: ROOT Sports, MLB.TV, MASN, WUSA 9