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The wait is almost over. The Pirates return to action tomorrow night against the Colorado Rockies. We sat down with Dave Martin from the great Rockies blog Rockies Review for another installment of 5 Questions.

This is Getting Old: Do you expect Troy Tulowitzki to be with Colorado after the trade deadline?

Rockies Review: The Rockies live in a false reality. Despite being 15 games below .500, Dick Monfort, the Rockies owner, is on record as saying that he hasn’t given up on this season. The Rockies went to the World Series in 2007 after completing an amazing run, winning 21 of 22 games. However, it seems to have tainted the ownerships idea of what is actually logical. Monfort believes that similar runs are not only possible, but probable. What that means is that Monfort truly thinks that they Rockies are buyers, not sellers. It means that Tulo will be staying put in July, but the losing year-in and year-out will probably make him approach management this off-season and request a trade.

TiGO: We know this situation all too well in Pittsburgh but what is going on between Monfort and the fans?

RR: Monfort needs to burn his iPad. He prides himself in being an owner that is visible to the fans and interacts with them. The problem is, he knows next to nothing about baseball. He sees it as entertainment and a great night out, so discussing things that are deeper than the very basics of baseball, he sounds like a complete fool. Unfortunately, he has inserted himself into decision making roles within the organization, and therefore has created a bad situation. Fans call him out on it and he has recently become defensive, firing back ill-advised emails threatening to move the team and telling fans not to come to games if they don’t appreciate the fact that they have a Major League team, even if that team is getting blown out of the water every night.

TiGO: Pirates fans have a love-hate relationship with Clint Hurdle. What are Rockies fans perception of him?

RR: Love-Hate relationship is exactly what Rockies fans have with Clint Hurdle. His in-game management decisions can be questioned on a near-nightly basis. His management of a bullpen is brutal at best. However, Hurdle has a way of motivating a young team. He won the trust of a very young Rockies team in 2007 and was a huge reason why they believed in themselves enough to make a historic run. However, as that team got older, Hurdle’s constant presence in the clubhouse and his boisterous personality seemed to wear thin on guys who didn’t need the ra-ra type of motivation anymore as veterans. Hurdle is a guy who can easily wear out his welcome. He did that in Colorado.

TiGO: If the Rockies could trade for any current member of the Pittsburgh Pirates not named Andrew McCutchen or Gerrit Cole, who would you want?

RR: This is a very good question. The Rockies have so many needs, none more than starting pitching, but their bullpen is also a complete disaster. Based on the season that Tony Watson is having, the Rockies could use a lefty who can shut down an inning in the worst way. When the Rockies starters are only getting them into the 5th inning, the bullpen has taken plenty of wear-and-tear. They already were average at best, but considering the workload, another arm would be great.

TiGO: Would Jorge de la Rosa look good in a Pirates uniform?

RR: Jorge De La Rosa would look good in the uniform of any contender. He is often overlooked because he doesn’t work super fast, and he doesn’t have a commanding presence that most people like to see in an ace. However, he simply gets the job done. He isn’t flustered easily. Watching De La Rosa pitch is relaxing. Even when he gets into trouble, he gives fans the feeling that he isn’t going to let things get out of control, and usually he finds a way to wiggle out of trouble. To me, he is the ideal pitcher for a contender to add at the deadline. He isn’t an ace who is overpaid with an ego, he is a guy who can come in and compliment an already decent rotation and make them very good without costing two top prospects.

Wow! This has been one of our better 5 questions ever. Thanks to Dave for taking the time to answer some questions about the Rockies and follow him on Twitter.

Rockies and Pirates tomorrow night at 7:05 on Root Sports.