Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds – Game 161

Seems like the damn Cardinals want to win the division too. Party poopers.

Which ridiculous injury are you more surprised about? Charlie Morton‘s hip surgery (again) or Beau Bennett’s leg?

People have their own notions of what value is. If you look at fangraphs Charlie Morton gave the Pirates $7.3 million dollars in value. His salary this year is only $4 million bucks but the average annual value of his deal is $7. So according to fangraphs Morton gave the Pirates a decent value.

That seems flawed. Morton pitched well. When he pitched. What those numbers don’t take into account is whoever replaced Morton when he was regularly missing time and the fact that he has been absent down the stretch and will miss the playoffs. I usually don’t like to say a guy is likely to get hurt but Morton is the guy you can legitimately call injury prone.

Here’s how many innings Morton has pitched in August, September, October the last three years.

  • 2012 – 00.0
  • 2013 – 73.1
  • 2014 – 20.0

I’m sorry but your value takes a hit if you regularly can’t pitch in the middle of a pennant race.

Morton is a good pitcher. To base his value on only what he does when pitching is completely ignoring another big factor.

Morton won’t be ready for the start of the season next year. Maybe with the downtime he’ll be ready for the end. This is his third major surgery in four years.

We obviously wish Morton the best. I’ve always been a big fan of his and I hope his healthy starts to cooperate.

Francisco Liriano appears to be the Bucs starter tonight.

Liriano will finish the season with his third losing season in four years. He must really suck, eh?

To be fair to all the old guys that love wins and losses, Liriano did have a pretty uneven season.

By uneven I mean he was a dookie bomb in the first half.

But his record doesn’t really reflect that ERA. That should make the more traditional fans, whom I love, comatose.

Crazy that he has yet to record a regular season win against the Reds.

He did do that though.

Alfredo Simon was a huge story this year.

A good reliever turned full-time starter making his first All Star game.

2-1 against the Buccos this year. Three quality starts, all more than six innings.

So the Cinderella season didn’t necessarily hold up, but it was a good season by Simon and I hope he’s just ready for it to be over.

Just go ahead and win this one guys.

First Pitch: 1:05 PM EST
Where To Watch: Root Sports, MLB.TV, FS1,