2014 Pirates In Memoriam

I wanted to take some time before I wrote my thoughts on the 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates.  I didn’t want the post to be a collection of fucks and sucks, assholes and damnits.

Enough time has likely passed that this won’t be that but maybe that isn’t a good thing.  Maybe the fucks and sucks post is what 2014 was?  That’s usually what I do.

Honestly, there hasn’t been a major change in my feelings since the playoff loss.

2014 was a failure.  It’s the only way to logically categorize what happened.   Doing basically nothing in the offseason was a failure by the Pirates Front Office.  Doing nothing at the deadline was a failure by the Front Office.

Now, you might not like hearing that but it’s true.  A whole lot of people seem to think it doesn’t matter what the Pirates did, they would have lost to Madison Bumgarner that night, and they might be right.  If this incarnation of the Pirates is just a little better they likely win the division and have a series, instead of a play-in game.

The division was weak this season.  Instead of taking advantage of that fact and going for it now Neal Huntington left bullets in the gun.  You can say what you want about “the future” or “trading the farm” but what you can’t, honestly, say is that the Pirates gave it their best shot.

It’s really inexcusable to tell you the truth.  Andrew McCutchen had another fine, MVP type, season.  You wasted it.  Russell Martin gave you the best season of his career, you wasted it.  Josh Harrison gave you a once in a lifetime performance, you wasted it.

And now?  Charlie Morton won’t be ready for the beginning of next season.  Edinson Volquez and Francisco Liriano will likely be playing elsewhere next season.  Vance Worley and Jeff Locke?  Who the hell knows what those guys are going to do next year.

The rotation is in a massive state of flux, the catcher position will likely be a black hole when Martin gets his payday, Josh Harrison repeating being one of the best players in the league in unlikely and first base still sucks.

This was the year.  The Pirates will lose all those players, and have to answer all those questions.  While doing so their payroll will likely rise through raises in salary and arbitration before they replace a single one of those guys.

This was the year to not sit on your hands.  This was the year to not manage games in September like they were games in May.  This was the year to actually do right by the fans that filled your stadium with a record amount of fans.  Again, this was the year that timidity turned promise into mediocrity.

Fans are to blame too.  This attitude that somehow playing a playoff game is a success?  That shit is over.  Stop feeling like lovable losers already.  The .500 streak is dead.  The playoffless streak is dead.  The days of being a fucking doormat are dead.  Accepting being mediocre is over.

Penguins fans do not accept one playoff game as a success.  The Penguins organization doesn’t either, firing their coach and general manager after having some playoff success and winning a Stanley Cup.

Steelers fans for the most part don’t either.  Mike Tomlin is currently on the hot seat after taking his team to two Superbowls, winning one, making the playoffs in four of eight seasons, winning the division three times, and never having a losing season.

It’s time for Pirates fans to grow the fuck up and realize the team is in a position to do way better than a fucking playoff game.