Pirates Extend Qualifying Offer To Martin, Liriano

In an unsurprising move the Pirates extended a Qualifying Offer to Russell Martin.  I say unsurprising because it was the obvious move, the only move the Pirates could logically make.  To not make the QO to Martin would have been legitimately criminal.  I’m pretty sure Tom Corbett signed a law at some point stating as much.

Speaking of Corbett, election tomorrow.  Don’t forget to do your civic duty by voting for someone bought and paid for by big business.  Someone who wants nothing more to eff you in the a.

Anyway.  Pirates will lose Martin.  He’s not signing that offer.  Done deal.  Bye.  Enjoy the draft pick.

That’s going to piss a lot of people off.  I’m not necessarily one of them, despite my love affair with Martin last season.

More curious to me is Francisco Liriano.  A $15.3 million, one year deal probably seems awfully tempting for Liriano.

So who is responsible for Liriano’s turnaround?  Obviously Liriano to begin with.  Everyone always talks about coaches and catchers but the player is most responsible and that doesn’t really ever seem to get mentioned.

Jim Benedict.  Jim Benedict is Jesus on this blog.  Like A.J. Burnett before him, Liriano came in and spent time in Extended Spring Training.  Like Burnett he resurrected his career.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all.  I think Jim Benedict died for our sins, came back three days later and just fucking stayed.

Ray Searage.  You can’t really deny the impact Searage has had on pitchers.  He’s been able to plug randoms dudes into random spots and get above the line performances from them.

Russell Martin.  And that’s the problem with Liriano coming back.  How much of his “comeback” was Martin responsible for?  It’s impossible to answer probably but it’s definitely not 0%.  Will Liriano be Liriano without a guy that most people credit with the Pirates turnaround, last season’s success, the flu vaccine, and the invention of the assembly line?

Liriano might not be great value at $15.3, and he’s aging, and he’s been known to get hurt, but it’s not remotely unrealistic to think that’s a reasonable market value.

I’d be surprised, but not stunned if he turns down this offer.  He can always hit free agency next year.

Imagine if they both accepted?  The Pirates would be in bankruptcy court within days.

In other news the Pirates outrighted John Axford, Jeanmar Gomez, and Chase d’Arnaud.  That means they are all free agents.

If you’ve been reading this site for a long time you know how much I loved d’Arnaud when he was drafted, and how I always had his back like a weird junior high secret admirer.  We’ll miss you here at TiGO Chase.  I still say injuries ruined it for us all!