An Actual PSU Hockey Post

No the site has not been hacked.  I actually have time to pay attention and write now since asked to contribute a long time ago in a galaxy far far away (aka twitter).  I worked on putting together a pretty good post with stats and info that I was pretty impressed with myself, and then this dummy forgot to bring the flash drive with said post home from work.  In summary, some cool stuff coming but not tonight.  (I promise the next post will not take a year or so this time.)

Main reason I didn’t want to wait and post is this weekend could be huge for this young program and I just had to type about it!  Penn State has traveled up to New England (don’t worry, no racism here) to take on #4 UMass Lowell.  This is likely the toughest opponent so far for a Penn State squad that has opened the season 5-1-2.  No, those are not two OT/Shootout losses.  In non-conference play ties still exist, and a meaningless shootout does still take place.  The lone loss was in a game where Penn State blew a 2-1 lead late in the 3rd.  Here are a couple notes for the two game series this weekend:


Who? #4 UMass Lowell

When? 7:15 PM Friday / 7:00 PM Saturday

Where? Lowell, Massachusetts

Lighting Mu(m)ps – UMass Lowell enters the weekend leading D1 hockey with 4.22 goals per game.  Penn State enters the weekend tied for 2nd with 3.88 goals per game.

You Are The Special – Could special teams determine the outcome in either game? Penn State enters tied for 4th best power play clicking at just over 27% (10 for 37).  UMass Lowell is right behind at 9 for 35 (25.7%).  Problem here is neither team takes many penalties.  Penn State averages 9.12 PIM/G where UMass Lowell averages 8.89.  Penn State does have one shorty, but UMass Lowell has already netted 3.

No Place Like Home – Penn State has opened the season 5-0-1 at home in the house that Pegula built (probably the best Pegula team too).  Tonight starts a critical and long road trip.  The next 7 games for Penn State are on the road and that does not count the two in Pittsburgh at the end of December.  We will get quite a look at how this team manages to play on the road.  A rough start to this string of games knowing you are weeks away from being home again could do quite a bit of damage to the great start.

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