Batman Returns

The Pirates have signed A.J. Burnett to a one year, $8.5 million dollar deal.

Burnett actually turned down a $12.5 million dollar option with the Phillies, apparently because he didn’t like playing there.

It’ll be nice to see how badly people backtrack on Burnett. I’m still not sure he’s the pitcher that the Pirates let go. He walked a lot of batters, struck out fewer, gave up lots of hits, and struggled overall.

Still, he pitched through injury and he played for a defensively challenged team. Did he miss Russell Martin in Philly? Probably. He won’t have him here either but he’ll have Francisco Cervelli, another good pitch framer.

He’s not getting paid a lot and the Pirates definitely need arms.

Hopefully this version of “Batman Returns” is like the movie, a sequel that didn’t necessarily suck.