Betting By Idiots – The Final Results


The results are in. Mike is this year’s winner.

1st place: Mike, 65-61, *6-12. Mike was the only player to end with a winning record.

2nd place: Michael, 62-64, *7-11. Finishes one spot ahead of his Crimson Tide.

3rd place: Chad, 61-65, *8-10. Not bad for a free agent blogger.

4th place: Matt S, 60-66, *6-12. Matt was in first entering the bowl picks. Still a respectable finish.

5th place: Jim, 59-67, *7-11. Jim finishes fifth in his first year. Not bad.

6th place: Robbie, 59-67, *5-13. Robbie finished fourth last season so he should be ashamed.

7th place: Morgan, 58-68, *8-10. Morgan made the biggest jump in the standings after the bowl picks. A respectable finish considering he was near the bottom all season.

8th place (tie): Brad, 57-69, *9-9. Second place last year. Eighth this year. Yikes.

8th place: (tie) Zach, 57-69, *9-9. From 14th to 8th after the bowl games.

9th place: Josh, 56-70, *7-11. Josh went 70-56 last season to win it all. Complete opposite this season.

10th place: Matt C, 56-70, *7-11. Matt finished tied for second last year. This is more like it.

11th place: Dan, 56-70, *5-13. Dan was 55-71 last season so this is normal.

12th place: Anthony, 55-71, *7-11. Anthony needed a strong finish. He didn’t get it.

13th place: Rich, 55-71, *7-11. Rich had a strong finish that moved him all the way up to third from the bottom.

14th place: Kenny, 52-74, *8-10. After spending most of the year in last, Kenny is not this season’s biggest idiot.

15th place: Ryan 51-75, *7-11. Meet Ryan, this year’s biggest idiot.