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  • Bucco Talk Episode 5

    This week we are joined by Andrew King to discuss the NL Central, Why the Bucs are struggling and take a look at the past week of Pirates baseball. A very good episode that you won’t want to miss.

  • Bucco Talk Episode 4

    This week Kenny, Zach and John are joined by special guest Jamall Mattox. It’s a great episode where we discuss the past week of Pirates baseball. We also look ahead at the upcoming Harvey/Cole matchup, and discuss the happenings in the farm system.

  • Tweetcap: #Pirates 7 #Phillies 2

    Here's the lineup for tonight in Philly. http://t.co/xiaVEhgni8 #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/s5ZDzrVwTV — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) May 12, 2015 The #Phillies take on the Pirates in Game 2 of a four-game set. http://t.co/Qn7vHGVdut pic.twitter.com/pEdUDGzBXM — Phillies (@Phillies) May 12, 2015 “I’m not sure what Josh Harrison weighs nowadays, but chances are it’s higher than his batting average.” -Stan Savran…

  • Podcast: @Bucco_Talk – Episode Two

    This week’s episode of Bucco Talk features hosts Kenny, Zach and John discussing the past week of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball. It also has a look at the farm system and a delightful conversation about the DH. We wrap things up by grading the performance of the team during the first month of the season. Zach…

  • Bucco Talk Podcast with @TheKennyM, @Zach_Morrison1 and @johnlucas18

    Check out the first episode of the brand new podcast Bucco Talk and give the show a follow on Twitter.

  • Tweetcap: Cubs 9 , Pirates 8

    Here's our lineup for tonight vs the Cubs. #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/FZImpy8bRr — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) April 21, 2015 Hi @Addison_Russell. #LetsGo Game preview: http://t.co/WcnFUOrV8k pic.twitter.com/7gHC8T8Fv2 — Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) April 21, 2015 Forgot my scorecard at home and now I’m really not sure what to do with my hands — @wolbiedo34△⃒⃘ (@chrissytinaaa) April 21, 2015 I already hate…

  • Tweetcap: Tigers 2, Pirates 0

    Tweetcap: Tigers 2, Pirates 0

    Here's our lineup for tonight's 7:05pm game at PNC. #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/9ONOGL21Up — Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) April 14, 2015 the #Pirates aren’t about to let Joey Chestnut bankrupt them pic.twitter.com/BKxP0wvVWq — James Santelli (@JamesSantelli) April 14, 2015 GAME ON!!! #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/jtIDN7diXu — Clint Hurdle's GUM (@ClintHurdlesGUM) April 14, 2015 Hard hit balls early on for both Burnett &…

  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds – Game 161

    Seems like the damn Cardinals want to win the division too. Party poopers. Which ridiculous injury are you more surprised about? Charlie Morton‘s hip surgery (again) or Beau Bennett’s leg? People have their own notions of what value is. If you look at fangraphs Charlie Morton gave the Pirates $7.3 million dollars in value. His…