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  • Mike Vukovcan Is Sick Of James Franklin’s Tweets, Still Follows Him On Twitter

    Bob Pompeani’s coffee boy, Mike Vukovcan, is tired of James Franklin and his tweets. He wants him to just coach already. Someone tell Vuk it’s March. Honestly, is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of all the tweets from James Franklin? Getting very old already. Please just coach. — mike vukovcan (@mikevukkdka)…

  • The Friday Ramblings, Version 1.0

    There are many things to talk about in the Pittsburgh (and world) sports scene, so here is the first edition of the Ramblings, my weekly way of giving my thoughts on everything that’s worth talking about. Away we go: -The Penguins delivered last night in Los Angeles, a strong statement from the team, and especially…

  • Betting By Idiots – The Final Results

    Betting By Idiots – The Final Results

    Here are the final results from our cast of idiots. Congratulations to Josh, this years biggest idiot winner. 1st place – Josh, 70-56, *8-10. Josh led most of the season but an 8-6 record in the final 14 games sealed his victory. 2nd place (tie) – Brad, 68-58, *8-10. Talk about a choke job. 2nd…

  • Betting By Idiots – Championship Week

    Betting By Idiots – Championship Week

    We had a three-way tie last week between Rich, Mad Chad and Zach. This week we are picking the conference championship games and some Big 12 games. The * denotes that bettors best bet of the week. For entertainment only. click here to enlarge