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  • I Am At Least Two Things

    Those two things?  A Pitt fan, and a HATER. There has been an outpouring since the scandal at Penn State broke for the team itself.  It seems like everyone wants this team to go out and beat Nebraska, to go rally around each other and give us a feel good story. Eff that. Before this…

  • Game Day Nebraska @ Penn State

    Game Day Nebraska @ Penn State

    This will be unlike any other game in the history of sports. Penn State has the best student section in college sports and I can’t wait to see what the students have up their sleeves. I’m sure it will be powerful and memorable and will stick in your head for the rest of your life,…

  • Clean House. Everyone Must Go

    Clean House. Everyone Must Go

    46 years as the man behind Penn State and its come to this. The New York Times is reporting that Penn State is planning Joe Paterno’s exit. The Jerry Sandusky scandal and cover-up is too much for anyone involved to survive. This is the only way it should end, if the New York Times report…