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  • Hines Ward – Become One

    Hines Ward – Become One

    Former Steeler and Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward is taking on a new post-football challenge, training for the Ironman World Championship, and he’s documenting it in the new series “Become One,” which debuts online this week. In partnership with Refuel | ‘Got Chocolate Milk?’, Ward will undertake a training and recovery regimen with elite professional…

  • Why Not Pittsburgh For The Superbowl?

    Why Not Pittsburgh For The Superbowl?

    As per usual I will do the mainstream media’s job.  I will be ahead of the curve.  I will be the only voice of originality in a sea of bland, thoughtless media.  Not the Trib, not the backbenchers over at KDKA. Why can’t Pittsburgh host a Superbowl?  Pittsburgh is a great city, with much to…