• >This Week In Real Pirateball – Week 25

    >Greg Mercer makes funny Pirates videos on the Internet. Check them out and follow him on Twitter. Here is his latest one. Week 25 and now we start to post them. TiGO sucks.

  • >Sept 28 vs Blackhawks

    >Roster taking shape.Penguins- 4Evgeni Malkin (Tangradi, Comrie) 1-12:21Dustin Jeffrey (Adams, Rupp) 2-3:46Nick Johnson (Talbot, Martin) 3-8:25Mark Letestu (Kunitz, Martin) 3-11:13Blackhawks- 1Kyle Beach (Bickell, Seabrook) 2-8:53RECAPEvgeni Malkin lead the way for the Pens on Tuesday’s preseason game against the Blackhawks, scoring the games first goal and looking to be in solid form for the rest of…